Back by popular demand is this wonderful thing I like to call A Touch of Blush. It may be corny. It may be cheesy. It may even be basic; but that’s my life so. My delightful Instagram followers decided if I should post this with or without pictures, and a whopping 69% told me to still post it so here we are today, or tonight, or whatever time you’re casually reading this. I would say there’s more posts where this came from, but my motivation is so low it might take a hot second to produce more high-quality shiz. Hopefully this post is everything you had hoped for and better (If you expected something more on the Oprah level, you’ve come to the wrong place. This is more on the one-star Netflix original level)

Be prepared for the most exciting (and probably longest) blog post you have ever read *drumroll please*…. A day in my exciting life! Exciting may be a little bit of a stretch seeing that I do literally nothing fun unless you catch me on a good day. Fortunately, today was one of my free days so I actually did productive activities LOLOL. Read below to see what I do from (not really) waking up to (barely) falling asleep….. Enjoy!


My day usually starts out like any other human being, with waking up and asking myself if it’s even worth getting out of bed this early. Telling myself I’ll just sleep in for 15 more minutes turns into waking up again at 11:00 and wondering what the heck happened. Today I told myself that I needed to make this blog post look like I’m not lazy so I opted to wake up at 8:00 (it actually was 10 but I’m trying to seem like an inspirational person).

After checking social media for literally a decade, I get up and go shower. I brush my teeth, clean my face, blah blah blah, and then the best. part. of the day comes. BREAKFAST. If you know me even the slightest, you know that I could consume breakfast foods for the rest of my life and be completely content. Currently, I’m in a interchanging cycle of avocado toast, smoothies, açaí bowls, or all of them combined. If that did not describe the most basic human ever, I don’t know what would. Today I made a smoothie and also avocado toast on a bagel thin (I’m also a weirdo and put a mound of cream cheese on the bagel underneath everything, but don’t knock it ’till you try it). That trio is only if I decide to make food, though. I’m embarrassed to say this, but maybe three days out of the week I opt for Starbucks iced coffee and egg white bites to get me through my day. Someone please tell me how to break an addiction because ya girl is KNEE DEEP in a Starbucks addiction.


It is now time for the *second* best part of my day, AKA getting ready. I mean, I kinda run a fashion / lifestyle blog so if I didn’t like dressing up I think we’d have a problem (If I may clarify, this part was written a few months ago when I had my shit together, and now I don’t. So. Sweats all the way.)

If you wanna know what makeup I use I’ll link my past blog post right here that describes all my daily makeup items. But, after I spend a hot second making myself look not like a potato, I find an outfit that pertains to what I’m doing that day and attempt to make my hair look decent (I’m currently on day 8 of not washing it as I’m writing this post so… Houston we have a problem)


Now it is time to finally go out and enjoy what the day has to offer (in this case, it’s work work work work *insert Rhianna’s voice*) Some days, I sit in front of my computer all day and don’t realize where the freaking time went, and others I procrastinate and it seems like time just ISN’T MOVING. Working from home has it’s pros and cons, but a con is definitely procrastination. I mean, I’m still editing a wedding from May so if that doesn’t show how bad I am then I don’t know what does. Lately, my mom and I have been having editing dates at local coffee shops and spend literally 5 hours there. She also buys my coffee so I basically never turn her down.

If y’all were not aware, I edit and shoot wedding videos as a second job. I also sell wedding dresses but that’s not fun to write about. Self promo: go watch my vids here . My “work day” is basically done at around 5 or 6ish, which is when I go and rip my clothes off and change into my night look. You would think that would consist of a hot ass nightclub look, but no. I don’t really go out much. My night look is way cuter than that. (*cough* sweats *cough*)


After I get home and put on my favorite sherpa and sweatpants, I either spend some time doing homework (It’s summer, so like, I don’t do homework) or editing a video, or a mixture of both depending on how much work I have to get done. And as soon as I know it, it’s pitch black outside and basically time for bed. I know, like I said, I live a very interesting life. When I start to get tired I maneuver my way upstairs eventually and clean my face and whatnot before laying in bed and watching my daily dose of Netflix. Next thing I know it’s 1:00am and i’m passed out. Such a high content post!






I’ve been doing this whole blog thing for around two and a half months and it’s fun and all, but I feel like I haven’t really shown my personality or my life or anything in between, so here we are today! I thought it’d be cool to kind of chat about what’s happening in this fun thing we call life and such. Be prepared for a chill post today filled with fun info and exciting facts (also prepare to be disappointed because I have no exciting facts).

So as you’re reading this I more than likely will have only 2 weeks left in school! That’s exciting and I’m so ready to be just a tad bit less stressed throughout the summer! If you are not aware, I’m currently a part-time student at a local community college and virtually am just trying to not get super far behind in my studies while also having multiple “jobs”. The reason for the quotations is because technically I’m only employed at one place, which is a bridal boutique that I freaking adore so much, but I also do wedding videography and, for obvious reasons, run a blog. I have just about 16 weddings this year, so that’s going to take up a pretty thick chunk of my time and thus I’m able to basically consider it a second job. I don’t consider my blog a job yet, though. But, in the future, I would love to have this as a fun side job along with my full-time position, which I hope is in the marketing field (lets cross our fingers and toes).

Currently, I’m in school for Business Administration, but I’m unsure if I want to keep going and get an associate’s degree or transfer to a bigger university and get my bachelor’s in Marketing. The positive part of staying at home as long as possible is that I pay less money in the long run and I can keep my current job. But, the downfall is that I wouldn’t even transfer for another 2 years and honestly I don’t think I can wait that long! haha. You guys should give me your feedback and lemme know if I should wait it out or transfer next spring to a University!

Now let’s get into the nitty gritty that stresses me out every waking second of the day; my future!!! yay!!! (too much sarcasm?) When talking about the future, I really want to go into marketing, like I said above, and hopefully get into the corporate retail division. Basically, I want to work in a big city and for a company I fully support and wear their products. I just feel like I’ll do a much more creative job and work to my fullest potential if it’s somewhat in the fashion field.

Now with the blog, I really want to keep going with this as much as possible and hopefully make this an actual job. I do this all in my free time and don’t get paid for anything, so in the future I hope I can gain a little bit of an income for doing something I love! I know it sounds super basic and whatnot, but I just have to embrace that I’m a basic human. I would also love to maybe start producing youtube videos that aren’t necessarily weddings. Don’t get me wrong, weddings are super fun to shoot and edit, but I have ten times more fun producing content that revolves around things I love and sharing my life with all my fellow humans! Who knows, those are just goals, but a girl can dream, right?!

On the bright side, I have a few awesome trips coming up! In about the middle of May, my family and I are traveling to Boca Raton, FL to shoot a wedding! We have one day just to ourselves, so hopefully I can walk around and shoot some fun content! I’m pretty busy in June, so I hopefully just want to travel to Indianapolis a few times just to explore like usual and eat bomb food. There’s just something about Indy that makes it not basically in my backyard. Then, in July, I’m so pumped because I get to visit my best friend in Maryland! She’s coming to the Fort at the end of June and then I’m hopping in her car and am going back to her humble home for a week. Maryland has basically become a home away from home to me so I’ll always have a place in my heart for the environment and people in that wonderful place! I know my parents and I were talking about hopefully sliding in a short trip to Toronto before I start school again in the fall, but I guess we’ll just wait and see!

So there’s a little update on my crazy and stressful life! But, I want to get to know all my readers, too! comment under this post one fun fact about yourself and we can have a little fun conversation down below! Also, if you have any other questions or things you wanna know about me I’m a completely open book and would love to answer anything! Have a great rest of your week, guys!

(also ignore any of the typos I might have in this post, I’m writing this at midnight and have so many other things to do that I didn’t have time to proofread this. Professionalism.)




If someone asked me to do this blog post a year ago I would literally laugh at you because my work attire would usually consist of leggings, an old t-shirt with espresso stains on it, and a warn out pair of white converse high tops. I know, I know… I had a great fashion sense. I would try to wear cute-ish clothes, but then by the end of the day I would be wearing every ingredient available. But, here I am today writing this post because I’m finally at a job where I can finally dress like myself!

If any of you didn’t know, I currently work at a local bridal shop a few days a week and absolutely love it. I’ve been able to become a little more creative when it comes to my fashion sense and I’ve decided to share a little bit of my business-casual outfits with all of you!

Most of these pieces were bought years ago so I’ll try my best to find and tag whatever I can find! And also shoutout to Riley for being awesome and letting me bombard her closet and borrow some of my fav pieces of hers,  you rock.

I’ve decided to categorize the four outfits based on different styles, so therefore:

OUTFIT 1: The Preppy/Classic Girl

OUTFIT 2: The Sophisticated/ Glamorous Girl

OUTFIT 3: The Flirty/ Easygoing Girl

OUTFIT 4: The Dressy/ Edgy Girl


Blazer |Striped Shirt (Similar) |Jeans | Shoes   O U T F I T  O N E


Sunglasses | Jacket (Similar) | Pants (Similar) |   O U T F I T  T W O


Sunglasses | Shoes (Similar) | Shirt: Borrowed | Earrings     O U T F I T  T H R E E


O U T F I T  F O U R Skirt: Borrowed | Blouse: JC Penny | Shoes: Local Boutique