I cannot contain my excitement as I’m writing this because I leave for spring break in less than a week! My to-do list may be a little extensive, but that won’t stop me from still posting a weekly blog post! I’m hoping that while I’m on spring break I can get a lot of awesome pictures for future posts and Instagram! But for now, I’m sharing my favorite songs of the moment that I’ll most likely be listening to while laying on the beach. Enjoy!




This month I feel like I have been discovering more and more “Insta bloggers” and have completely fallen in love with them. Whether It is their aesthetic, the way they present themselves, or how fashion-forward their looks are, they’re all just so much fun to admire and look at! It’s also a plus when I can get a little inspiration from them.

This week I’m a little busy with wedding editing (a blog post on that is coming soon!) and school so I thought instead of just skipping this week I’d compile a little list of my top ten Instagram’s of the month! Enjoy and have a great week !! 🙂


Ashley (@therichmondprepster)
I think I love this blogger because her style is probably closest to mine. I also love all of the bright and bold colors on her profile and the fact that she lives in Richmond (which is a place I so want to travel to.) If you love a classic preppy look, I’d go give her a follow!
IMG_0347Abigail W. (@belleoftheball45)
Abigail is definitely one of the reasons why I wanted to get into blogging in the first place. Like, circa over a year ago when Touch of Blush was basically inexistent. I remember always stalking her Instagram wondering how I could possibly have a similar style to hers, and still to this day she’s one of my favorite bloggers. If you love the New England style like myself, I would one hundred percent recommend looking at her profile!
Aspyn Ovard (@aspynovard)
I found Aspyn through youtube like four years ago and she’s been my favorite ever since!  Her Instagram is everything I wish mine was, too, but like better. I’d love to travel when I get done with school, so seeing all of her travel posts inspires me even more to go out and explore! If you don’t already follow Aspyn, do it. Like now.
IMG_0349Caitlin (@cmcoving)
Caitlin is all thing Insta goals. First, her hair is so. voluminous. like I wish my hair looked like that (don’t we all?) And I love how bold and fun her pics are. She makes me want to go on vacation everyday and wear cute little bathing suits. This profile is the one for you if you love southern charm, bold styles, and a girly flair.
IMG_0350Allison Schaper (@allisonschaper)
Allison’s feed and aesthetic is so fun and pink I could stare at it everyday! Some reasons why she’s one of my fav Insta girls is because she is Disney obsessed (as am I), loves taking pics of her food and coffee, and loves the color pink (I mean, my blog is called a Touch of Blush so..) If you love all-things aesthetically pleasing and girly, Allison is the gal for you!
IMG_0351Taylor Eldridge (@allthingstaylored)
I just discovered Taylor’s account not that long ago and her posts have gotten better and better since! She’s started to merge into the whole aesthetic game and has taken an orange and blue-tinted theme. Her pics are also super crisp and bold and her style is kind of what inspires my posts. She may not be that big of a blogger now, but give her some time and she’ll be killin’ the game with the big dogs!
IMG_0352Olivia Rink (@oliviarink)
I can’t even describe how obsessed I am with Olivia’s profile. First, she’s a petite fashion and lifestyle blogger, which is 110% me because #shortlegscrew. She was also a former University of Kentucky cheerleader, and seeing that I spent over half my life cheering, I gotta support another fellow gal. Her city style is also so cute and trendy I’m in love! Her photographer is another reason why I love her pics, especially recently. Her Insta is @aesthetiica and her pictures are like no one else’s! So moral of the story is check both of their accounts out!
IMG_0353Emily Herren (@champagneandchanel)
Emily is another gal that I had just discovered recently. I just love how her Instagram is specifically for her everyday styles and it doesn’t seem super posed or anything like that. Sometimes I just want fashion inspiration without the heavy edits and stuff, and Emily gives her followers just that. It’s one thing that we have the same names, but her Texas accent and southern roots wins me over! Go follow her!
IMG_0354Jaci Marie (@jacimariesmith)
I think ever since I got big into the Instagram game, I’ve been following Jaci. Her posts are just so freaking awesome I admire them every time I’m scrolling through my feeds. Her and her husband are hashtag goals and she’s best friends with another one of my faves, Aspyn! Their feeds are really similar so if you’re already following Aspyn, go follow Jaci, too!!
IMG_0355Krystal Faircloth (@apinchoflovely) 
Krystal is probably the closest profile to my own style. I have bookmarked most of her photos so I can look back at them for inspiration. Her pastel Insta and girly trends are spot on for what I hope to be like in the future with my own profile! If you don’t follow her now, you’ll definitely regret it!


It’s that time of the year again ladies, and shockingly, i’m single! (hopefully you could feel the sarcasm in that statement) But, I am not alone. Alas, I have comprised a short list of things you could do with your gal pals on the infamous day of love. I plan on doing at least one of these when the 14th comes (i’ll make sure to document it), but I would love to see if any of you guys do anything! Feel free to tag me on any of your pics with your ride or dies and i’ll show them on my insta story! Happy Galentine’s Day, y’all!!!

1. Go See A Movie!

My girlfriends and I for the past two years have always gone to see 50 Shades of Grey on (or near) Valentine’s Day. Make a new tradition with your gals! There are so many good romantic films being released that you could definitely go see!  …And it gives you a good excuse to indulge in all the popcorn you can fit in your mouth.

2. Dress Up and Go To A Fancy Dinner

I don’t know about you, but I love when all my friends come over to my house and get ready together. I think it’s such a nice bonding moment! Take this holiday to show off your “date(s).” Who says you need a boyfriend to go on dates? Though you may be surrounded by other couples in the restaurant, enjoy your night with your babes! Maybe make an ice cream run afterwards and have a sleepover!

3. Have a “Spa Night”

It doesn’t even have to be Valentine’s Day to do this, but just treat yourself. Make a nice bath, throw in a bath bomb, and light some candles while relaxing in a cooling face mask. Read a book or watch a Netflix rom-com while just celebrating YOU. Go beforehand and grab some chocolate and devour yourself in a few bites of deliciousness, too! Valentine’s Day is just about love, so why not love yourself? We are independent women who don’t need no man to complete us! *insert sassy emoji*

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For some reason I couldn’t find the t-shirt, but it’s from Target !

Earrings          Choker       Heels (Similar)




If you look on my youtube channel, I posted a video about 2 years ago, which was my friend and I on spring break. Majority of the video was me just recording my friend doing funny things, otherwise known as embarrassing her to the public haha. After a couple years of actually receiving a professional camera and learning actual camera angles, I decided to try out another spring break video, and I can successfully say that I have upgraded my editing and video resolution so much since that last video! Check it out below if you haven’t already!!!




Hi! It’s been awhile! Homework, work, and school sports have gotten the best of me and I haven’t been able to go out and take blog post pictures in awhile, so I decided to just give you guys my go-to spring break playlist since I’ll be leaving for Alabama in a few weeks (2 to be exact!) Enjoy!

Those are just a few of my favorites, but if you want to take a look at the full playlist check it out down below!