I think that everyone always has the new years resolution of getting in shape (myself included.) The only downside of that is, well, we actually have to go to the gym. Well fear me not, I have discovered ways that you can workout without it “feeling” like you’re actually working out! Some of these are a no-brainer, but I have gotten to the point that working out at a gym isn’t motivating to me. I know there are some lucky people out there that can just wake up and force themselves to go to the gym, but there are other people like me that would rather just sleep in and “start tomorrow ” (let’s be honest, we never actually start the next day.) But below I have comprised a short list of a few fun activities that can take place of a traditional workout! You can thank me later.



1. YOGA 

I cannot even express how much I love yoga. First, I was in competitive cheerleading basically half my life, so yoga is kind of second nature for me when it comes to flexibility and balance. Second, the atmosphere is so relaxing and makes you so excited to start class! (and it smells like lavender, like what could be any better than that?!) If school or work is stressing you out, after one yoga class you will feel so much better, i guarantee it! In these pictures i’m doing yoga at home, but I would recommend going to an actual studio. It’s a lot easier to not be as focused when you’re at home than in public.


This is a workout that I haven’t done in quite some time, but after one class you will literally feel like a new human. The way that they stretch you and move your muscles is unexplainable, seriously! It’s so hard to actually explain unless you physically take a class yourself. So, after you’re done reading this, go and sign up for a class at your nearest pilates studio!



Of course I had to include this. I mean, soul cycle is the basic white girl of workouts, but it definitely tires you out. I unfortunately haven’t been able to actually go to a soul cycle class, seeing that they’re only available in major cities, but if you go to your local gym or YMCA, they sometimes have spin classes, which are pretty much the same as soul cycle! I have been telling myself to go do it for months but, of course, my laziness and procrastination has caught up with me and I sit at home and eat cookies instead (literally what i’m doing right now. Cookie Cottage is so hard to resist!)


This is kind of a mixture between pilates and yoga in the sense that you basically are mirroring ballet movements and poses. If you’re more of the creative and artistic person, this may be the workout for you. It’s dance-related, so it makes it not seem so much like an actual workout, though you’ll definitely feel sore afterwards! I watched a video on some of my favorite youtubers going and attempting to do it, and as you can see they almost couldn’t finish! Long story short, you should try to find somewhere near you that offers it.


I have seen so many of the other bloggers that I follow post about how much they love this workout! So I decided to search and see if it was worth putting into this blog post, and then the best thing happened…. I FOUND OUT IT WAS OPENING IN MY HOMETOWN! As you can see I couldn’t contain my excitement. So I decided I REALLY need to research on this thing. It turns out it’s an hour long workout that gives you more energy, tones your body, and burns calories over the span of 36 hours (can I get a heck yes?) Once the one near me opens I’ll post about it and tell you guys all about my experience! Here’s a link to the website where you can learn more about it!






(I haven’t cheered in like four years so my balance isn’t the best anymore…. if you want proof look down below!!)

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