I feel like I haven’t talked about fashion in awhile so today we’re getting right into some major fashion deets. 

I’m a major money- saver when it comes to buying clothes. When choosing my favorite brands, I look at price as a major deal breaker. Though Revolve and TopShop have super cute clothes, I tend to fall more towards brands like Forever 21 and TJMaxx (I could spend hours in there). So, check out below my favorite brands that can help brighten up your wardrobe this summer!

  • D E N I Z E  N

I cannot explain how much I love this brand. If I ever post pictures on my Instagram in Jeans, I am most likely wearing Denizen. They can be found in most Targets and I believe Kohl’s at super budget-friendly prices! The material is also stretchy which helps big-thighed gals like myself. Also, if you’re petite and looking for great jeans that you don’t have to fold over, Denizen’s ankle-length jeans will be your literal best friend. I’m actually wearing a pair in the pictures below if you were wondering what their product looks like on a person! 

  • L U L U S

This summer, I really want to invest in some cute and flow-y sundresses because, contradicting to my last favorite brand, some days I just don’t have the effort to put on pants. I have been living (literally) recently in a maxi dress I bought from Lulus about three years ago and have been dying to purchase a few more for my closet! Their prices are pretty great, with dresses selling from around $40-50, and they also have super great quality sandals. Moral of the story is that you can sit in the quality of your own home and shop cute fashion pieces.

  • O L D  N A V Y

When you’re in a pinch for some staple pieces, Old Navy is the perfect place to go! I usually get my chunky sweaters and cardigans from there along with colored chinos that I like to wear to work! They always have sales, so you’ll 99% of the time get a steal any time you walk in there! 

  • T A R G E T

I mean…. need I even explain? I’m pretty sure any of us walk into Target thinking we’re getting one thing and end up purchasing a brand new wardrobe. Every time I peruse around their clothing section, I’m always blown away at the quality of some of their clothes and the prices, too! They’re always up-to-date on styles and if you want to dive into a new trend without spending an arm and a leg, just swing by a Target sometime (or all the time).

  • F R A N C E S C A S

When I was in High School, I would always get my semi-formal dresses from Francesca’s! Their clothes are closest to a boutique-style but without the boutique prices! I always walk in there and immediately fall in love with all of the colors! In the summer, I lean more towards bright colors, so Francesca’s is always the first spot I hit when I take a trip to the mall!






I asked a few weeks ago on Instagram if you guys would want me to do a little review of Shein and say if I think it’s worth buying from or not, so here we are today chatting about the pros and cons of this popular (and cheap) online clothing site.

If you aren’t aware of what Shein is, here’s a link to their website. Basically, it’s an online clothing and accessory store that has a too good to be true price range. Shirts can be as cheap as 6 dollars, which might have some people question the quality and if they’re getting the actual product they’re showing. In the past few months, I’ve compiled about ten different items from Shein and I can honestly say I have mixed reviews. Below, I have a brief explanation about each product I purchased, but if you don’t really care to read all the reviews, moral of the story is that it all depends on the product. You’re ultimately paying for quality, and shouldn’t expect the best material on let’s say a $10.00 pair of shoes.



The shirts that I purchased are probably the best quality things I have purchased from this website. Though the quality is not ideal, they look great in pictures. I’m not one to care about if something is made with a certain material or not, as long as it’s (somewhat) comfy and cheap I’m content.



Okay, these are great and all, but if you wear the wrong pair of underwear everything shows. I mean, you should kind of expect that seeing they were priced at $14.00, but if you only like high-quality leggings, Shein would definitely not be your place to buy them. I liked these leggings because 1. they were purple and 2. I’ve been looking for leggings that wrapped at the bottom like these did and all of them were way over $50.00. I don’t like to splurge on things that might be in style for only a few months, so I resulted in these. I wear them pretty consistently, but they aren’t my go-to pair at all.



Out of all things I have purchased from Shein, swimwear is probably the worst thing to buy (and honestly not worth your money). Unless you’re a perfect size in both tops and bottoms, none of these will work. I’m normally a small/medium in tops and always a medium in bottoms. Shein doesn’t give you the option to order different sizes in tops and bottoms, so that was already a con. I even had my mom measure me to see what size I would fit into based off the chart they included, but it still didn’t end successful. The material is horrible (expected), the sizing is not close at all, and the bra pads are so noticeable that I take them out right when the swimsuits arrives. After that whole spiel, I can be lenient and say that it’s a hit or miss. I’ve bought four suits from Shein and 2 out of the 4 I can say are good enough that I’d feel comfortable wearing them on the beach. The other two would be cute for a picture or two, but not at all for a whole day in the sun.




I laugh every time I see the dresses I’ve gotten from Shein. They’re mostly either in the back of my closet, hidden somewhere, or thrown away. I took pictures of two of them, which are categorized under the “hidden somewhere” category. I tried to show how horrible the fit was, and it was almost impossible to get a shot without me laughing in embarrassment thinking why buying these was a good idea. I know I said earlier that i’m not one to complain about quality, but these were bad quality. Taking a complete 180 from that statement, I just purchased a maxi dress from them right before writing this post for spring break and I think my mouth about dropped to the ground when I saw how beautiful it was on. Check out my Insta if you want to know how the dress looked! Moral of the story is that I wouldn’t say not to buy their dresses, but to just check reviews and if the price seems too good to be true, it is.


Hopefully y’all were able to get (somewhat) of a better idea on how to shop on Shein. If I had to rate my experience on their website, I would honestly give it a 8/10. I know my reviews were pretty harsh and don’t equal up to the rating, but from the things I have liked and some of my friends experiences as well, It isn’t a horrible website. I would just say to be a tad bit cautious and always. check. reviews. Measure yourself in your bust, hips, and waist so you absolutely know you are getting the right size. Their sizing is a lot different than what you would buy in a normal store, so what you think is a medium might fit like an extra small.

If any of you have ever shopped on Shein and have an experience or opinion to share, please feel free to comment below! I’m just one voice, so seeing what other people think might help others that are hesitant about shopping on the popular site.



If someone asked me to do this blog post a year ago I would literally laugh at you because my work attire would usually consist of leggings, an old t-shirt with espresso stains on it, and a warn out pair of white converse high tops. I know, I know… I had a great fashion sense. I would try to wear cute-ish clothes, but then by the end of the day I would be wearing every ingredient available. But, here I am today writing this post because I’m finally at a job where I can finally dress like myself!

If any of you didn’t know, I currently work at a local bridal shop a few days a week and absolutely love it. I’ve been able to become a little more creative when it comes to my fashion sense and I’ve decided to share a little bit of my business-casual outfits with all of you!

Most of these pieces were bought years ago so I’ll try my best to find and tag whatever I can find! And also shoutout to Riley for being awesome and letting me bombard her closet and borrow some of my fav pieces of hers,  you rock.

I’ve decided to categorize the four outfits based on different styles, so therefore:

OUTFIT 1: The Preppy/Classic Girl

OUTFIT 2: The Sophisticated/ Glamorous Girl

OUTFIT 3: The Flirty/ Easygoing Girl

OUTFIT 4: The Dressy/ Edgy Girl


Blazer |Striped Shirt (Similar) |Jeans | Shoes   O U T F I T  O N E


Sunglasses | Jacket (Similar) | Pants (Similar) |   O U T F I T  T W O


Sunglasses | Shoes (Similar) | Shirt: Borrowed | Earrings     O U T F I T  T H R E E


O U T F I T  F O U R Skirt: Borrowed | Blouse: JC Penny | Shoes: Local Boutique 




So I was thinking it could be really cool if I posted a seasonal wishlist every season of the year! And then the next time I post a wishlist I reflect and see if I actually ended up investing in one or more of the items below! Everything that I have in the picture will also be linked below if any of you guys like what I like this season! Also, comment down below what your faves this season are, too! I’d love to see what all of you guys love!

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 7.48.37 PM

Gucci Belt | Ray Bans | Mules | Kate Spade Bag | YSL Lipstick | Burberry Scarf | Pandora Princess Ring | Adidas Sneakers | Trench Coat | Bell-Sleeve Sweater | Kendra Scott Ring | Mini Ark Handbag | Blush Fur Coat |



Time management is not a subject that I succeed in. I always end up scheduling things two seconds apart from each other and eventually turn into a wreck, both physically and mentally. Some days, when I’m booked from when I wake up to when I fall asleep, I have to pack a quick outfit change with me that won’t take up much room. I thought it’d be beneficial for all my fellow time management slackers out there to list a couple key pieces that you can bring along with you to make a day look easily into a night look!

  • statement jewelry: For me, my everyday casual look consists of a couple Alex and Any bracelets and my favorite Kendra Scott necklace. But, when I want to dress up a look, I usually add either a statement necklace or a pearl necklace like I did below! I’m also super lazy when it comes to putting on earrings, so when I’m not wearing my pearl studs, I  like to dress it up by switching it out for some dangly rhinestone-studded ones or little crosses, pictured below!
  • switch up the shoes!: I will admit, I very much lack in the shoe game. But, I was still able to easily dress up my outfit by adding a piece that nearly every girl has in her closet, flats! The best part about flats is that they’re versatile and comfortable, meaning that you can virtually wear them with anything!



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Old Navy Flats ($20.00)

Wristology Watch (customized)

Vineyard Vines Hat ($20.00-40.00)

Sperry Duck Boots