So i’ve had an epiphany lately. It all started when I was in the midst of completing a homework assignment. It was Sunday and the deadline for the homework was, you guessed it, that same day. I know I have no room to speak seeing that i’m only a part-time college student, but I do have my fair share of mental breakdowns when I realize I can’t do everything at once. Being a student while also having a part-time job and doing occasional wedding videography, I eventually need to learn how to manage my time, which brings us to this post!

So backtracking to my little epiphany last Sunday, I hated that I was spending all of this time on homework last minute when in reality I could’ve gotten it done in the span of the week before and would have had a plethora of time to do other things! That’s when I started to jot down a few tips and tricks that could help me manage my time while also completing all my tasks on time.



It’s one thing to own a planner, but it’s another thing to regularly update it and write down everything you have to do that specific day/week. I am so guilty for writing tons of things I need to complete in my planner when i’m in class bored on Monday, but don’t even check it again until the next Monday! That would explain my procrastination and lack of knowledge on due dates. So, make it routine to check your planner everyday and write down every. singe. thing. you need to complete. It’s super easy to write something down but just not do it, so my challenge to you is to live by your planner for a week. Then, you’ll notice that you have so much free time! I feel as if we spend so much time stressing over completing our to-do list when we can just finish it and ditch the stress.



 2. Don’t do everything at once! 

This may not include everyone, but for me, when wedding season kicks into high gear I have a hard time deciding which one to do first: homework or editing. They both need to eventually be done, so this is where time management comes into play. Plan certain days to complete certain tasks. Make, let’s say, Tuesday your homework day and Sunday your editing day. If you don’t complete everything by the end of the day, just wait until the next week to finish it, unless a due date is sooner. You’ll see a significant amount of stress come out of your body by doing this. Instead of thinking about editing and homework every waking second of the day, I can actually enjoy the rest of my week by doing other things that I like to do; like blogging, reading, and exploring my town for example.



3. Multi-Task (Bear with me)

Some of you probably read the heading and thought I was stupid. But, fear me not, I have found a way, after a couple years, to make it feel like you aren’t doing work when you really are. So basically, you can mix in your leisure time with your study time. What usually works best for me is to go to coffee shops. Whenever I’m in a coffee shop environment, I instantly get the motivation to complete everything. I invite some of my friends to join, grab my favorite drink of the moment, and study away. By the end of the session, i’m able to do most of my homework without the stress and headache that I would usually have had I decided to stay home. See? multi-tasking isn’t TOOO bad.

I hope this helps you combat the college student stress. Trust me when I say this; everyone is in the same boat you are. If you’re on the verge of a mental breakdown, I am 100% positive there is someone that wouldn’t mind listening to you vent and rant. Sometimes, that’s all you need to do before feeling at least a little bit better. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact me!












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